VDS/VPS workarounds

KVM - applies to KVM virtualization. LXC - applies to LXC virtualization. All - applies to any.

  1. All: To automatically log into the VDS/VPS management control panel, choose a purchased service in this billing panel -> Services -> Pick a Service -> click Control Panel. You will be automatically logged-into the control panel to monitor server resources and other server actions.
  2. KVM: If you are unable to connect to KVM server VNC, Stop and then Start directly from this billing panel. It will reactivate the VNC console on Start. Reboot will not reactivate VNC. Stop->Start is required.
  3. LXC: If you have LXC VPS/VDS server, the reboot option does not currently perform Reboot operation. To reboot your server, Stop/Shutdown and Start it back up.
  4. All: To change the root password for your server, change it in the platform -> Stop/Shutdown Server -> Start Server. The root password is changed on Stop/next Start only.
  5. All: If you purchased additional resources such as IPs, to activate, Stop/Shutdown server from the control panel, and Start. Reboot will not activate such resources. Stop->Start is required.